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    When has God surprised you with an amazing possibility?

    Four years ago, I was living in California close to my family and friends, and I had a great community out there. I was working at a job that I loved and was one of those people that had meaningful work, great co-workers, and I loved the people that I got to interact with every day. Needless to say, leaving my job was not on my radar or even in the realm of possibility.

    But when my dad's cancer went from bad to worse, and we found ourselves in need of a full time caregiver, I started to feel this nudge that maybe that was something that I could do. My mom was taking care of him, but she needed to get back to work. So I started to consider it and eventually decided to leave my job to move back in with my parents and help take care of my dad and put my life on hold a little bit.

    And taking care of my dad was a blessing, but it was also hard as caregivers know. We had good days and bad days, but we always said that if we laughed more than we cried we had a good day. And it was a really special opportunity to get to spend time with him. I remember one day in particular his hands and his feet were really cold, and I just sat next to him and held his hands and his feet. And we had a really special moment where we were just together, and I felt like God had really affirmed that that's where I needed to be and I was in the right place doing the right thing. And that was the day that he had passed away.

    As I was getting back on my feet and trying to figure out my next step, I had always kind of had Dynamic Catholic in the back of my mind, but I never thought that I would move or relocate, especially after everything that our family had been through. But as I reflected on the last year and how God had worked in my life, I was more open to the possibility of doing something different. So I decided to apply, and as I went through the interview process, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and clarity, and I was really affirmed that when you're doing what God wants you to do he'll give you the strength and the clarity that you need to move forward and to pursue it.

    Since coming to Dynamic Catholic I've grown in so many ways professionally spiritually personally. I've met so many wonderful people and had new experiences that I can't really imagine my life without now. And looking back I can see that one possibility really led to another, and what I initially wasn't willing to give up, like leaving my job or moving away from home, were actually standing in the way of great possibilities that God had in store for me.

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    • Reading 1  Is 35:1-6a, 10
      Responsorial Psalm  Ps 146:6-7, 8-9, 9-10.
      Reading 2  Jas 5:7-10
      Gospel  Mt 11:2-11
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